A lot of people might think that all exercise mats are the same but that´s not the case! All these mats that you can find online or in stores have different purposes. It really depends on the kind of exercise you want to do, whether it´s yoga or another workout. But what’s the difference between a yoga mat and an exercise mat?

What´s The Difference?

The´re a lot of different mats in the market but you can quite tell the differences between a yoga mat and an exercise mat. Yoga mats are a lot thinner. They need to provide some cushion but they also need to allow for the person to properly pose and feel stable when performing their poses. They are also always a bit longer than exercise mats in order to provide the space for those stretching moves.

If you just have an exercise mat and you want to do some yoga, it will The´re serve you a lot of comfort but when it comes to those stretching poses, like the cobra or the downward facing dog it might won´t stay grounded and starts to stretch with you. This is because the structure of most exercise mats is made to provide comfort, that´s why the material is more soft and “fluffy”. I´ve tried some yoga on an exercise mat before but like I said, I slipped with the stretches and stretched way more than I wanted, because the mat stretched, too and did not keep grounded.

The other way around is that if you prefer some simple exercises, you might feel uncomfortable on those thin yoga mats and want it a bit softer. Then you are good to go with a normal exercise mat.

What About The Price?

When it comes to mats, whether it´s a yoga or exercise mats, the price varies from $10 to $100. But don´t worry, you don´t have to spend so much to do a great workout. You are good to go in the price span between $6 to $40! The difference relies on the quality, the design, if the mat is Eco friendly or washable and the brand of course. If you are a beginner and won´t aspect your mat to be by your side for 5 years after using it daily, I recommend you to choose one between $20 and $40 like this one this one.

Benefits Of A Yoga Mat

  • It´s thinner
  • Easier for stretching
  • Often a bit longer
  • Easy to store

Benefits Of An Exercise Mat

  • More Comfort (thicker)
  • Good for a lot of different exercises
  • Easy to store


So whether you buy a yoga or an exercise mat just depends on the kind of exercise you want to do. If you simply want to do some yoga, I recommend you to buy a yoga mat. If you also wan´t to do some other exercises, you often won´t need a second mat for exercises. Your yoga mat should defenitely serve for that, too. But if it gets a bit uncomfortable, you can buy an exercise mat, too. Both are easy to store and ready to go if you want to take them somewhere with you. In the end it is really up to your needs.


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