What Is A Vibration Plate Machine?

A vibration plate vibration plate is a plate you can stand, lie or sit on that sends vibrations into your body that cause a lot of different muscle groups to contract and relax a dozen times a second. This transmitted energy that causes your muscles to contract is giving the feeling of an exercise without doing anything else than standing, sitting or lying on the plate. There are often remotes included where you can choose a wanted vibration program depending on the vibration length you want. You might have seen such a plate in your local gym before. Some gyms are even special designed to only have their workouts on vibration plate machines.

What Are The Benefits Of Using It?

One of the main benefit is that you have an easy workout without any effort. You can literally do a 20 minutes workout every day or even just once a week to see some results. If you are a person that doesn’t have the time to go to the gym, you can literally save a lot of time doing the workout in your own home any time you want. But how does it help me to achieve my personal goals?
So as I told you, the vibration plate machine is making a lot of your muscles contract, depending on what workouts you do on it. You can do squads, planks, push-ups and even more on it to enhance different muscle groups. The result is an increase of muscles (depending on how much you work out) and weight loss because you will burn some calories. If your goal is to lose weight you should follow a diet that will keep the daily calorie deficit or just don’t replace the calories you have burned with a new calorie intake (more calorie rich foods).

Is It Fighting Cellulite?

If you have cellulite or would like to prevent cellulite from building up in a natural way, then using a vibration plate machine is a good option. For a cellulite reducing exercise routine, you can perform targeted exercises that specifically address the muscles and fat around the thighs, buttocks and abdomen.

Exercise in general increases blood flow, removes toxins from the body and breaks down fat cells which are all factors reducing the build-up of cellulite. Vibration machines are known to be more effective than regular exercise so consider cellulite targeting exercises on a vibration machine an impact boosting tool.


What Does A Vibration Shape Machine Cost?

The price span is actually huge. You can buy some under $100 up to $4000. If you want one for your home I can recommend you to buy one between 90 and $200. I actually bought myself one for $150 a year ago on Amazon and it’s been great so far. I can recommend this one but after doing my research I’ve found out that they are all really similar in the same price spans. I think only gyms buy those big and expensive plates because you can do some more workouts due to added handles  and  some more programs.



Now that you have an idea on what a vibration plate machine is, you know that you can easily use it in your home because it’s smaller than other workout machines and it can fit in your wardrobe or under the bed and even if you just keep it in your room it doesn’t look bulk. It just fits everywhere. The other great thing is that you can train a lot of muscles groups only using one device, it can decrease cellulite, increase muscles and give you a great workout for just 20 minutes a day and saves you the way to the gym.

If you want to become a bodybuilder you should prefer going to the gym to use some other machines as well or buy some other supplies but if your goal is to lose some weight and become fit at home without hours of workouts that’s definitely your way to go.

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