The human body fascinates scientists for decades. Knowing that it consists of 60% water only could lead to the thought that we are wandering fluids. Keeping our water levels high to maintain a functional body means that we have to keep consuming all the water we are loosing throughout the day in forms of urine and sweat.


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How Much Water Do We Have To Drink Daily?

The daily water intake varies from person to person as we are all different individuals. It depends on our gender, the size and weight and our current situation. Note, that every system in our body needs the right amount of water to function. The older we get, the more water we need. Men do need about 15 ounces more water a day than women. Pregnant women have to drink about 10 ounces more than needed before pregnancy.

Men do need on average 13 and women 8 cups of water a day. But let´s look on our individual needs. If you want to calculate your individual water needs, you can look up the web for hydration calculators. You then have to fill in some information like weight to get your individual daily water needs.

Let´s suggest that you are a 25-year-old male, you weight 176 lb (80 kg) and you are 5´11 inches (1,80 m) tall and you are doing a light exercise of 1-3 workouts a week. Your recommended water intake is 84 oz (2,5 L / 10 cups) a day. Now if we add 22 lb (10 kg) to your weight, your recommended water intake increases to 11 cups (2,6 L) a day.

Weight Loss From Drinking Water

Water isn´t only great to maintain healthy organs and a functional system, you can actually lose some weight drinking the right amount of water. If you are drinking your daily recommended amount of water and even more, chances are size that the water will fill up your stomach, making you feel full and eating less than you usually would. You might have heard before that we crave certain foods, not because we are actually hungry, but because we are in fact thirsty.

Our body often tries to get the water from foods we are eating. Now if you are craving foods without actually being hungry, chances are you are just thirsty. Always drink at least 2 cups of water before or every meal and 1 -2 cups with the meal to prevent over eating. You will start feeling full earlier and save some empty calories that will lead to weight loss.

Another way of loosing unnecessary extra weight from drinking water is the water weight. You have heard right! If we consume less water than needed, our body starts to store some water that is left in our cells. Water storage also appear when we are eating lots of salty foods to keep some reserves for worst case scenarios.

Women have to deal a lot more with unwanted water weight that is mostly stored in the legs and feet. If you didn´t eat too much but your scale tells you that your weight increased, don´t worry. That´s mostly not fat, but water weight. You can get rid of the water when consuming more water.

This sounds actually strange but if you remember that our body only stores the water because it is afraid of drying out, it will only vanish the saved water weight when you consume enough water. Pregnant women tend to gain a lot of weight during pregnancy but loosing it mostly rapidly after giving birth because it was almost all water weight and not fat. Also, during pregnancy, try to drink a lot of water to reduce the amount weight that could be added in form of fluids. So, drinking water actually makes you lose some extra weight. It is called the water weight!

Ways To Consume Water

Water is not only consumed by drinking it. We also eat a lot of water throughout our meals. It is mostly stored in fruits and vegetables. A cucumber for example nearly almost consists of water. Eating fresh salads and fruits not only provide you with a lot of vitamins and minerals but with some extra water. In fact salty foods like chips drain your body so that it has to store up even more. The result is a weight gain but as we know, just drink enough water so that your body can get rid of that.

If you don´t like drinking a lot of extra water besides the water intake from foods, you can also drink a lot of unsweetened tea or add some lemon slices, other fruits or peppermint leaves to your water to give it a taste and add some extra vitamins. Just don´t add any sugar or unnaturally things into your water to keep it healthy.

Possible Drinking Reminders

If you want to drink more but just forget it throughout the day, you can set an alarm for every hour to remind you to drink at least 1-2 glasses. There are also some apps to download on your smartphone that will remind you to drink. I personally tried some of those apps but they actually stressed me because the alarm was annoying and when I turned my phone silent I wouldn´t get any information if I didn´t look at my phone at the correct time.

My solution is to bring a water bottle or a can to my desk at my office and to drink at least 2 of them throughout the working day. This does help me but also if I have my bottle on my desk, I tend to ignore or forget it while being busy with work. After doing my research online on gadgets that could help, I came across some weird coasters that would beep every 20 minutes that your glass is placed on it but that reminds me of the apps I tried before and didn´t like.

What I found next was actually very interesting. A smart water bottle that tracks your water intake and lights up to remind you to drink. It is connected via bluetooth to your smartphone through a free App and not only reminds you to drink, it also tracks your drinking habits daily. The funny thing is that you can do drinking challenges with your friends that have the same HidrateSpark 3 bottle.

You can purchase this Hydrate Spark bottle from Amazon but I recommend buying it from their website because always have some discounts.



Drinking lots of water does actually help you lose weight besides of the health benefits that come along with a well hydrated body such as clearer skin and anti aging. But it is up to you to remind yourself to drink enough during the day. Please let me know in the comment section what helps you to drink more water and if you have tried a gadget to help you before.

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