One of the easiest ways of loosing weight and body fat is the act of fasting and because there are a lot of ways you can fast, I´will show you my favorites and the ones that work the best for me. I know, if you landed on my article, it is probably not the first time you are trying to lose some extra weight. But what does loosing weight make it so difficult?

Eating Habits

Everyone has his own favorite foods or meals they can´t or don’t want to miss. Unfortunately weight loss comes with a certain diet and diets always require letting go of your favorite foods. You might get along with removing those foods for some days or weeks but to be honest, diets can be way too hard to be doing them for a lifetime and missing your favorite foods makes it even harder.

There are a lot of websites and posts that promise you to lose a lot of weight, only by taking some “wonder-pills”. Don´t worry if you fell for this once in your lifetime, because I fell for them, too. Why? Because it sounds way too good to don´t do anything and just lose some weight, taking those pills. But let´s talk about our eating habits again…Can´t we eat our favorite foods or snacks ever again?


Calorie Deficit

You´ve might heard that phrase before. A calorie deficit is the way to lose the weight! You can easily calculate the amount of calories you can eat along the day on any calorie counting website. The amount of calories you can eat depends on your age, sex, height and weight and is different for everyone. If you eat until you reach this daily limit, you won´t gain weight.

Now that you want to get rid of some weight, you can calculate the amount of calories you have to eat in order to lose a certain weight a week. So in order to lose some weight, you have to decrease your daily calorie intake.

You could eat a lot of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables throughout the day and have one or two small snacks and still be in your calorie deficit or eat 2 chocolate bars (with each 500 calories) and still lose weight. The key is to make a healthy and calorie friendly mix of eating 80% healthy foods and 20% snacks throughout the day to stay inside the deficit.

Of course, you can vary this percentage throughout the week ass well as the calorie intake. The goals to keep the deficit throughout some days and weeks. But what can you do if you can´t miss your sweets and snacks and you´ve tried to diet for so many times but still won´t lose the extra weight?

Fasting For Weight Loss

One of the easiest ways for me is to lose weight from fasting. I can´t tell you if it´s the best way for you but I can tell you what me, my friends and family have experienced. So like I said before, our number one goal is to keep our calorie deficit. Although there are a lot of ways to fast, it has one simply rule: don´t eat for some hours /skip one to two meals.


The 16/8 Fasting Method

You might have heard of the 16/8 method where you fast for 16 hours and eat in a time span of 8 hours. This is by far the easiest method and can be done for a lifetime because it´s very easy to add into our daily lives. This can be done by stop eating at 6 pm and continue so until 10 am. That means that you´ve fasted for 16 hours and can start eating at 10 am for 8 hours. After 8 hours it is 6 pm again and you stop eating.

This method can fit into everyone´s lifestyle because you can just change the time span however you want to. The only rule is to fast for those 16 hours. Water, black and unsweetened coffee and unsweetened teas are allowed to consume during the fast.


The 5/2 Fast

This method makes you fast for two days a week that you can decide. During those days you can only eat between 500 to 600 calories and drink unsweetened tea and black coffee but mostly water. In those other 5 days you can eat “normally” but should drink a lot of water, too in order to stay hydrated. This method is harder in my opinion than the 16/8 method.

The Ramadan Method

You´ve might heard that Muslims around the world fast for one specific month a year in the times from sunrise to sunset without even drinking water. If you are a non Muslim and you like this method or want to try it, you can add the water to this fast. If not, you have to drink a lot of water within the fasting break to not get dehydrated.

The Benefits Of Fasting

The act of fasting (not eating) gives your body a lot of time and energy to concentrate on something else than digesting. Your body will put all of its energy (that it would put into digesting food) into repairing damaged cells, fighting diseases and “cleaning up” your digestive tract that also leads to better health.

Keeping your body off of food for a certain time makes it take some energy from the fat cells in order to function well. This process and the fact that we are skipping meals while fasting will lead to a great weight loss when done for some days, weeks or even for a lifetime if you have found your favorite method. The results of the calorie deficit that comes along with skipping meals while fasting, allowing you to eat more of the foods you want and not skipping certain foods like a diet would, makes fasting a lot easier than certain dieting programs. Please note that although you can eat more of what you want in the fasting break, you should also provide your body with nutrient rich foods.



My Experiences

No matter which method I chose, I always lost weight! The side effect was that I knew I´ve done something great for my body besides of the weight loss because I gave it time to restore it´s cells and fight some diseases in the times it would normally put it´s energy into digesting the foods I would eat. The result was not only the weight loss but the feeling of overall health and more energy throughout the days.

I´ve also experienced my belly fat to decrease faster and if you do some more research on fasting, you will come along a lot of articles that talk about the belly fat loss as a result.


If you are trying to lose some weight and want to do something great for your health I can definitely recommend fasting. It´s up to you what method you will choose. If you don´t like the method you´ve chosen, you can just switch to another until you´ve found your best way to go. Please note that I´ve only mentioned the methods I like and that there are a lot more fasting methods you can look up on Google or in this book that I can recommend you.

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8 Replies to “Lose Weight From Fasting”

  • Great Article! Personally, I have used intermittent fasting myself to help regulate my weight and have had great results. Like you stated it truly is one of the easiest methods to cut calories and maintain a certain lifestyle. It has even allowed me to get up later to go to work as I don’t have to worry about making breakfast anymore.

  • This is great, I have certainly done my share of fasting. Sometimes for sickness, sometimes for religious or spiritual reasons. I have heard the period of fasting between meals should be at least 13 hours and is called intermittent fasting, but it is very similar to what you have written here.

    I certainly believe in this as well, although I do not do it primarily to lose weight. Great article!

  • Great article! I love your reminder about how fasting can so greatly benefit us.

    The method that seems to be most reliable for me is 16/8, although I have to say that those last 2 hours of the 16 are TOUGH lol. I try to do the 16/8 everyday – because, as you mentioned, it really *is* the easiest one to incorporate into the day. I’m not disciplined enough to do 5/2 lol.

    Thanks for going through these different methods. I like hearing about other people’s experiences with fasting. It’s not my favorite thing to do, but I am happy with the results. I don’t really know if I’ve lost any weight fasting, but I know I have more energy and a clearer mind because of it. Glad to have found your site!

  • Hey!
    Beautifully crafted article. Thanks for the recommendations, Currently I fall under “The Ramadan Method”. I’d love to read more from you. Waiting for your future articles.

  • I’m very happy I found your article! Thanks for all the good information. I’m excited for your other ones!

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