You might have heard that jumping on a trampoline is not only funny, but it´s also a very good workout! Parents often buy an outdoor trampoline for their kids to use it in the garden for fun but did you know that there are smaller indoor trampolines? You can work out from home, jumping on a trampoline while watching TV.

Benefits Of Jumping On A Trampoline

I´m sure that the following benefits of a home trampoline workout will surprise you:

It increases bone density and prevents osteoporosis

Bones can become stronger with training against the gravity which protects density and osteoporosis.

Body cells become stronger

The stress of up and down movements for trillions of cells in our body leads them to become stronger by increasing the cell energy and the mitochondrial function.

Enhanced lymphatic circulation leads to body detoxification

A toxic body leads to dangerous diseases like cancer. Our lymphatic system is meant to remove all of our toxins that were consumed by the environment, our foods, cigarettes and other unhealthy stuff. The lymphatic system only works well, if we are moving daily. Jumping on a trampoline gets it working well which leads to a great body cleanse.

Improved digestion and gut health

The up and down movements of a home trampoline workout leads to a certain muscle relaxation that bring easier digestion and a stronger gut.

Eyesight improvement

The eye muscle has to be trained like any other muscle to be kept strong. Due to the increased G-force on the body, the eyesight can be improved, too.

Weight loss

Jumping up and down for a certain amount of time is burning a lot of calories which leads to weight loss caused by burning body fat. A home trampoline workout also keeps you fit and toned and can remove cellulite because of the improved blood circulation.

Fights dipression

Happy hormones such as serotonin and dopamine are released during every kind of workout. Jumping on a trampoline doesn´t only leads your body to release those hormones, it also leads to a lot of fun during the activity compared to other workouts which leads to an overall wellbeing.


Which Trampoline Is the Best For Me?


If you have a garden and kids I can recommend you a garden trampoline. Those are way bigger, the kids can play on them together and you will have more space to jump. They are available in different sizes and nets for protection.

I actually have some friends that bought them for their kids and placed them in the garden. It´s super fun and can be used by at least two to three people. I´ve also noticed the parents to use it quite as often as their children.

As I told you, you can purchase them in many forms and sizes but I do want to give you a link of one that I can really recommend. Just click here or on the picture. Although it might look big, those trampolines are really easy to build!



On the other hand there is my favorite trampoline for a great home workout. This one is perfect if you don’t have a garden or just not the space. You can easily fold it and place it somewhere if you don’t need it at the moment.

I personally looked up so many trampolines that can be folded and easily stored but never found one like that. It also comes with a pole if you like to jump while holding on to something.

It is easy to build and has a comforting jump material!

Even if you have a garden and you don´t know yet if a home trampoline workout is something for you, I can recommend you to start with this small one and step up later.


Jumping Is Good For Everyone

Now that you are aware of all the amazing benefits of a home trampoline workout, you might ask yourself if you are too old to be jumping. Don´t worry! You are never too old to do some workouts.

Even if its jumping and you think that only children should do so. Everyone can jump and enjoy the mentioned benefits. Especially if you don´t have the time to go to the gym regularly. You can use it for daily workouts.

Jumping on a trampoline always brings back funny childhood memories which lead to more fun during the workout. Please feel free to comment down below which experiences you have made with a home trampoline and if you have lost some weight or got any other body improvements.












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