Did you know that the tap water you use on a daily basis to wash your dishes, drink or take a shower is contaminated with lots of chemicals and lime that can make you sick? Studies have shown that several cancer types are linked to the causes of unfiltered tap water. Only one cause is Fluoride that is commonly added to drinking water to help prevent tooth decay. Sadly it is linked to cancer and osteoporosis and can damage the heart and our brain.

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But today I don´t want to discuss about the dangers of drinking legally declared tap water. Let´s talk about what it can do to us while showering.

Dangers Of Tap Water For The Skin

Before public water enters your bathroom plumbing, it goes through a thorough sanitation and treatment process. By adding chlorine and chloramine to the water, our cities make sure that it is disinfected. Chlorine is known to be highly effective at killing bacteria, but also very toxic to humans.

Skin irritations from tap water

Even small amounts of chlorine can have a huge effect on the body. It doesn´t only kills the bad bacteria that we don’t want around, but the good bacteria, too. When chlorine comes in contact with your skin it destroys the Vitamin E and other fatty acids that your body produced to keep your skin soft and smooth.

This can lead to rashes, dry and itchy skin and even acne. A good water filter shower head can filter chlorine out of your tap water which will lead to a soft, glowing, healthy skin. Even chlorine based acne can vanish slowly.

Cancer Causing Tap Water

Using a water filter shower head can also reduce the risk of getting cancer. When organic matter comes in touch with chlorine, it combines with other compounds to form Trihalomethanes (THMs). THMs triggers the body to produce free radicals which cause cell damage and are considered highly carcinogenic (cancer causing).

“Although concentrations of these carcinogens (THMs) are low, it is precisely these low levels that cancer scientists believe are responsible for the majority of human cancers in the United States”.- The Environmental Defense Fund.

A Hartford Connecticut study found that women with breast cancer were 50-60% more likely to have high levels of chlorination byproducts in their breast tissue than women without breast cancer. Several other studies have found the link between chlorine levels and bladder cancer.


Dangers Of Tap Water For Your Hair

The amount of chemicals like chlorine in the tap water can really dry out your hair. Splits appears more often and the endings of your hair looses it´s moisturized texture and shine.

Studies have found that you even suffer from hair loss from unfiltered tap water way more than with filtered water. Not only can your hair fall out, it is also very common for dandruff to appear due to unfiltered water.

A water filter shower head is able to lower the risks of getting dandruff, will moisturize your hair again on a long term use and makes your hair looks shinier again. Due to the water softening properties, your hair will feel smoother instantly. Some water filter companies even add vitamin c into their shower heads which will lead to even shinier and healthy looking hair!

Great Water Filter Shower Heads

Now that you are aware of the worldwide risks that come from our tap water, I will show you the best filter heads that are natural and affordable! All of them are easy to install and the filter itself can be replaced every 4-5 months for a decent price.



In my opinion they all are really great and what I love about them is that they are all natural filters that also include vitamin C! Not only will they reduce the risks of the above mentioned diseases and irritations, it also saves you up to 30% of the shower water!

Making the switch to a filtered shower head is not hard and I can recommend it to everyone reading that, especially because it is affordable and has so many benefits. Please let me know in the comment section down below what experiences you have made with the switch to a shower head filter.

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