You probably are already aware of the amount of waste human beings produce throughout a lifetime or even only in one year. The most harmful waste for our planet is plastic waste because it is Non-Biodegradable. When thrown on land the soil becomes less fertile and when thrown in water it harms the sea life, poisions us humans and chokes ponds and rivers. In fact, plastic is polluting our environment, our food, the wildlife and us!

Plastic Waste

Our oceans contain islands of plastic waste! According to figures published in the journal Science in 2015, between 4.8 and 12.7 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean each year. Just think about how much food in the stores is packed up in plastic and how much trash you produce every day only by your food.

A lot of countries started to take action to reduce the plastic waste by giving away paper bags instead of plastic ones. Some stores even try to pack less fruits and veggies in plastic so that the customer can bring his own bags made of textile. Little do we know, that not only food comes wrapped in plastic. Cosmetics, cleaning supplies and even little things, such as the razors we use on a daily basis.



Plastic Razor

Plastic Razors

Disposable razors are meant to be used a few times and then get thrown away. It is no secret, that they are wasteful. The problem in buying them is not only the amount of plastic waste you create, but the ongoing production of the razor companies.

These razors are not only polluting our environment, they are also quite expensive on the long term. Just think about how much you spend every month and how often you throw one…

Even the thaught of having disposable razors swimming in the oceans and hurting animals with the razor blade makes me feel quite nauseous. Especially when there are alternatives we can use.




Eco- Friendly Razors

Bambaw Rasierhobel

This razor is made of  metal and bamboo and doensn´t contain any plastic. It is easy in use and one blade costs only between 10 to 20 Cents!!! The blades are easily changed and last up to several days of usage.

It is great for both, men and women and every body part and will save you lots of money on long term.

This Bambaw razor defenitely belongs to the money saving and environmentally friendly razors for daily usage!

You can buy it here on Amazon.



Classic 3-Piece RazorThis Classic 3-Piece Razor is made of eco-friendly metal alloy and a Gold plated, antirust grip. It also comes with 5 replacement blades. Each blade can be used for 7-8 shaves!

It also comes in a small case for optimum storage and will save you a lot of money on a long term use.

You can also buy it right here on Amazon.





Zomchi RazorThis razor by Zomchi was especially designed for women. It also comes with 5 blades that can be used for about to 8 shaving sessions and is made of eco-friendly metal.

The blades are softer than the above mentioned razor blades, which makes soft skin less irritated.  Women with quickly irritated skin in their private parts should use this razor in order to avoid irritations.

In my opinion, less likely iritated skin parts like legs are more easily shaved with the above mentioned razors but let me know what experiences you have made in the comment section.

You can buy the zomchi razor right here on Amazon as well.


What Impact Would Have A Switch On The Environment?

All of those razors are easy in usage. Avoid as much pressure as possible and let the weight of the razor do the work for you. All blades are really sharp and you won´t need to shave multiple times on one part of your skin which avoids irritations and pimples. They will make you all save some money and take you a big step closer to save our planet from pollution and the huge amount of plastic waste.

Just imagine how big of a step it is for one person to switch to environmentally friendly razors and how much impact 100 people will make. I usually threw about 15 plastic razors away every month. Let´s assume that the average person throws away 10 razors a month, multiplied by 100 people that now switched to environmentally friendly razors. They would save 1,000 plastic razors a month and 12,000 ones a year from polluting our planet! Isn´t that awesome?!

I would really like to know in the comment section down below, what experiences you have made with those alternatives to diesponsable razors, which one you would like to recommend and how often you have to change the blade.

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2 Replies to “Environmentally Friendly Razors”

  • Great Post!!! I do really care about the environment. Many countries have introduced plastic bans, however, razors like these still exist. The thought of fishes get hurt by razors is just really sad. Now the products you have mentioned are really good. The only way to reduce the supply of things is to reduce the demand for them and that is exactly what you are doing. Keep making more posts like these!!!

    • Thank you very much for your comment!! I really hope that the plastic consumption will be reduced worldwide in order to help our planet. 

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